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Address: No.1-5 Beijingzhan Xijie, Dongcheng District , Beijing, China, Asia

How to arrive:
Directions: Arriving by air: Take the "C" line of the Capital Airport shuttle bus to the terminus at Beijing Railway Station (Beijing Zhan) or Beijing International Hotel, (West Gate of the Hotel). Arriving by train: (Beijing Zhan, Beijing Railway Station): The hostel is at the northwest corner of the station square. When you come out of the station, the hostel is diagonally opposite (slightly to your left). Arriving by train: (Xi Ke Zhan, Beijing West Train Station): Take bus No.703 to Beijing Railway Station (Beijing Zhan).
Address: No.1-5 BeijingZhanXiJie, Dongcheng District , Beijing, China, Asia    Tel:010-85115050(Operator),65258866,65258066
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