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Backpacker Club
The BACKPACKER CLUB ,where is on the third floor in the hostel, is a placeforyou to enjoyyourtime,
drinking Chinese Qingtao beer or a cup of coffee. The club aims to bring together all kinds oftravel enthusiasts to exchange information and discuss a common passion for adventureand travel. It opens 24 hours and have parties occasionally.

It has two billiard tables, where you can show your skills; and some comfortable sofas around the bar, where you can talk to each other about the travels or some topics.
In the club, you can find some Chinese traditional artworks, which you can buy for your families or friends as presents. They would give them big surprises, for they come from an ancient country with about 5000 years.

he pu’er tea comes from the Yun’nan Province; It is ancient, nature, healthy, and pure, and only the royal families have the right to enjoy it before; Sitting around the table and drinking a cup of tea could make you think of the 5000 years of Chinese history.

The club provides self catering kitchen , where you can show your cooking to your friends. The video room can play films free. With the sunshine on your shoulders, you can read books at a quiet corner in the club or lay in the sofa with a magazine in your hands.

The internet bar will help you to communicate with your friends or sail on the web for information to next city.
Welcome to China!
Welcome to Beijing!
Welcome to our youth hostel, welcome to the Backpacker Club!


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